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Which Jesus do you Follow?

Just recently I was talking with a guy about my Christian faith and my devotion to Jesus.  As we talked he told me he was an atheist but did appreciate Jesus as a great teacher.  He talked about some of the morals that Jesus taught and how valuable they were to mankind.  He even told […]

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Our Greatest Need–Rest

This past week my family and I got to go camping in northern Wisconsin.  We had really only one goal–rest.  It was great to enjoy God’s creation and get away from the busyness of life.  Because of our mortal bodies we need times to step back, recharge the batteries, and rest.   One of the

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Conditional Love of God

This past Monday was Memorial Day–a day we celebrate the freedom we have in the United States.  Often we are reminded that freedom is not free.  There is a huge cost paid so we can have this freedom.  Lives have been laid down by many to purchase and ensure freedom.  Freedom without a doubt is

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Stronger Backs

Perhaps the most telling sign of the strength of a person’s walk with God is found in his prayer life.  It is very telling what you think about God by what you are praying for.  My guess is if one was to take a survey of the prayer life average Christian in America one would

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Struggling for Joy

The more Christians I meet and interact with the more and more I see how many Christians truly struggle to find joy in their lives.  Even as I examine my own life, I feel that I have this constant battle going on to be joyful.  In fact it seems that I find myself just as

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