Stopping the Retreat

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Over the past few years my heart has really been stirred by thoughts of what the underground Christian church has to go through to gather together.  I have read statistics that there are upwards of 200 million Christians who face some kind of daily persecution in the over 50 countries that are closed to Christianity.  Of those 200 million, on … Read More

The “Yet” Factor

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Today I was studying through the book of Habakkuk, which is becoming one of my favorite books in the Old Testaments.  The book chronicles the prophet Habakkuk who cries out to the Lord and asks for vindication.  As Habakkuk looks around he sees nothing good around him and evil seemingly triumphing. Throughout the book God uses what we would think … Read More

Our Greatest Need–Rest

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This past week my family and I got to go camping in northern Wisconsin.  We had really only one goal–rest.  It was great to enjoy God’s creation and get away from the busyness of life.  Because of our mortal bodies we need times to step back, recharge the batteries, and rest.   One of the more popular sayings of Jesus … Read More