Conditional Love of God

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This past Monday was Memorial Day–a day we celebrate the freedom we have in the United States.  Often we are reminded that freedom is not free.  There is a huge cost paid so we can have this freedom.  Lives have been laid down by many to purchase and ensure freedom.  Freedom without a doubt is anything but free.  Likewise we … Read More

Struggling for Joy

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The more Christians I meet and interact with the more and more I see how many Christians truly struggle to find joy in their lives.  Even as I examine my own life, I feel that I have this constant battle going on to be joyful.  In fact it seems that I find myself just as often battling against discouragement as … Read More

American Dream or Heavenly Nightmare

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Everywhere you live there are challenges to the Christian faith.  If you are a Christian living in China or the Middle East there is the challenge of staying true to the faith under persecution.  If you are a Christian living in a remote village in Africa there is the challenge of finding fellowship.  If you are a Christian living in … Read More

God’s Great Gift of Marriage

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This past weekend my family and I celebrated my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary.  This is truly an amazing feat that most of us will never attain.  It was fun for us all to listen as they told stories of their wedding day so many years back.  What a blessing!  It is such a shame that in our culture marriage has … Read More

Nothing but the Blood

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One of my favorite hymns is the song “Nothing but the Blood”.  In the opening verse the hymn asks the question, “what can wash away my sin?”, then gives the answer “nothing but the blood of Jesus”.  As Christians all around the world take time to both reflect upon and celebrate Easter, I am saddened by how many claim Christ … Read More