The Heart of Christ

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We’re planning on doing another Peaking with the Puritans on October 25th at 9ish. Out of the fiery revival that was puritanism a corpus of powerful, English-language, Spirit-saturated writings came forth. The Banner of Truth has been re-publishing the best of these writings in various forms for years. They have a series called Puritan Paperbacks. Peaking is a reference to … Read More

RVC Cookbook

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Here is a post from our Cookbook Committee! Hey Gang! We are going to make an RVC cookbook!! After many Villages, pot lucks, and other gatherings that have invovled the question “Can I have your recipe?”, we decided it is time to put all our recipes together. The proceeds from the cookbooks will go toward RVC Mission Trips. We are … Read More

Why Should I attend Financial Peace University #2

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RVC’s Financial Peace University (FPU) class will be starting soon, on June 8.  I want to give you another reason that you should consider attending FPU this summer.  This is probably not the answer you are expecting and it might not be the most significant reason to attend FPU but here it is.  Because it’s fun! Let’s face it, we … Read More

What’s In the Bible

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If you have hung around Katie and me lately, you may have heard us geeking out about a series of kids DVDs called What’s in the Bible. The series creator, Phil Vischer, also created Veggie Tales. He decided that his previous creation was teaching kids to behave “Christianly” without actually teaching much about Christianity. Hence, this new series. The series … Read More